Luke 18:9-14 “Beware of Self-Righteousness”

Doctrinal sermon preached by Rev. Joshua Hall on September 9, 2018, at Sparta Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Message Outline

Proposition: There is no righteousness apart from Christ, so let us go to Christ for our righteousness.

Point 1We have no righteousness, so let us go to Christ for our righteousness.

  • Self-Righteousness is Imaginary
  • Self-Righteousness is Impure
  • Self-Righteousness is Impotent (powerless or helpless)
  • Self-Righteousness is an Imposter
  • Self-Righteousness is Inherently Damnable

Point 2Christ offers us His righteousness, so let us go to Christ for our righteousness.

  • Christ’ Righteousness is Pure
  • Christ’ Righteousness is Powerful to Save
    • He is the propitiation for our sins
    • He is the possessor of ourselves
    • He is the protector of our souls
    • He is the provider for our salvation from the grave (resurrection)
  • Christ’ Righteousness is Provided to Us

One thought on “Luke 18:9-14 “Beware of Self-Righteousness”

  1. Josh that was a good sermon. You read an opening passage to lay out the thesis and concluded with a reference back to the passage (Luke 18). Each point was explained well with good bible references. I liked your choice of words like imaginary, impure, ect. It was very practical as well as Biblical. You sounded very enthusiastic. You followed the outline well. One thing that might be good to add, would be a call for the people to apply these truths in their daily lives. (Humbly approach God, confess to Him your sin of having foolish pride, asking Him to teach you how to honor Him daily.) “He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” Very good message. This sermon style is very practical and a good way to reach out to the specific needs of the people or even a way to share what God is teaching you. Doing a good job Josh.

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