Genesis 8 “The Faithfulness of God”

Sermon preached by Pastor Joshua Hall at Sparta Reformed Presbyterian Church on October 14, 2018.


Have you ever experienced loss or grief and tried to pray but felt like God was a million miles away? Have you faced a difficult season of life which drove you to your knees but God didn’t seem to be listening to your cries for help? Have you ever wondered whether God really cared about you, whether He truly had a good plan for you, or whether He had forgotten you? I have. And I believe Noah did too. Noah spent 10 1/2 months on the ark with two of every kind of animal on the planet. He watched rainfall for 40 days, no doubt wondering each day when the judgment would let up. He saw the destruction of most of his relatives, all of his neighbors and friends, his city, and his entire world. Only 8 people were left after God sent the flood. But in the midst of that trial, Noah could testify for us that God had been faithful. It is my prayer for you and as you listen to this message you will be encouraged as God reassures you that even when you face trials of many kinds, He has not forgotten or abandoned you. He is a faithful God!


God is always faithful to keep His promises, so we must trust in Him! Here are three ways God’s faithfulness calls us to trust in Him.

  1. God was faithful to remember Noah and those with him, and God remembers Jesus Christ and those who trust in Him.
  2. God was faithful to directed Noah with His Word, and God is faithful to direct us with His Word in the scriptures.
  3. God was faithful to provide for all of His creation, and God is faithful to provide for His people.


One thought on “Genesis 8 “The Faithfulness of God”

  1. Joshua, this is from your Great Aunt Karen in Tempe, Arizona. It is so wonderful that God has called you to share His love and grace and faithfulness to your generation. I know your parents and grandparents are proud of you….and your great grandparents applaud you from heaven!!! May God bless you and your home and your ministry richly; your great grandmother (still living but not aware through dementia) would be so delighted if she knew about your ministry. You are an answer to all of her prayers. When we choose eternal things as our priority, eternal benefits are ours…..for we are to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness that Jesus gives to us freely….and eternal treasures are ours!! Love and blessings. Great Aunt Karen

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