Genesis 9:1-17 “God’s Grace and the Law”

Sermon preached by Pastor Joshua Hall at Sparta Reformed Presbyterian Church on October 21, 2018.


Why should we care about God’s laws? Do we really need to obey God? Can we? Are God’s laws good?

In Genesis 9:1-17, God provides abundantly for all people and all creatures. His provisions include food, promises, and the law. In this chapter, God commands us to execute murderers. Listen to this message to learn why God would give such a command.


God’s law is a gracious provision for life and is worthy of our joyful obedience.

  1. Because Of His Gracious Provisions For World Prosperity, We Must Joyfully Obey His Law
    1. He has provided for the propagation of life on earth (1,7)
      1. Blessings, command,
      2. marriage,
      3. opposite of population control, unlike Atrakasis
    2. He has provided for the protection of life on earth (2, 4-6)
      1. Fear of animals – protection from violence of beasts
      2. Prohibition from eating blood, not to kill for the purpose of trying to extend life through pagan rituals like the drinking of blood
      3. Prohibition from killing animals for no good purpose
      4. Prohibition from homicide
      5. Death penalty required for homicide
        1. Upholds the high value of human life.
    3. He has provided the proper food for life on earth (2-3)
      1. All moving things
      2. All vegetation
  2. Because Of His Gracious Promises For World Preservation, We Must Joyfully Obey His Law
    1. God’s Covenant Inaugurated (8-11)
      1. Parties
        1. Covenant God
        2. Covenant Head – Noah
        3. Covenant Family
        4. Covenant Kingdom – All Creatures
      2. Promises
        1. Never again to destroy life with a flood
        2. Never again to destroy the earth with a flood
    2. God’s Covenant Illustrated (12-17)
      1. Meaning of the Sign
        1. God’s bow hung up, his wrath appeased.
      2. Method of the Sign
        1. God sees and remembers His covenant promises.
        2. We see and remember God’s covenant promises.

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