Genesis 13 “Abram’s Faith and Lot’s Foolishness”

Sermon preached by Pastor Joshua Hall at Sparta Reformed Presbyterian Church during the morning service on December 9th, 2018.


Last week in Genesis 12 we witnessed God’s faithfulness despite Abram’s unfaithfulness. Abram, facing severe famine, did not cry out to the Lord for help, but left the land of promise for the land of Egypt where there were much water and food. There he lied to Pharaoh, placed his wife in danger, and received the rebuke of Pharaoh. Pharaoh kicked him out of the land and Abram returned to the land of promise. God had providentially disciplined Abram and arranged for His promise to be fulfilled. Now in chapter 13, we read about the faith of Abram and the foolish selfishness of his nephew, Lot. As we read, let us consider what we would have done had we been in Lot’s shoes.


Sinful Tendency: We often choose the appearance of prosperity over the promises of God and lose the blessings of God.

Proposition: Since God blesses those who trust Him, let us walk by faith and not by sight.

First Point: Abram received God’s blessings and responded with faith.

Second Point: Lot walked by sight and lost the Lord’s blessings.

Third Point: Abram’s promised child (Jesus) offers us both faith and blessings.

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