Genesis 1-2 “Biblical Anthropology: Mankind Before the Fall”

Lecture by Pastor Joshua Hall at Sparta Reformed Presbyterian Church on March 3, 2019.

NOTE: Much of the material for this lecture was taken from Michael Horton’s book, Pilgrim Theology.


What is mankind? What were we created to be? What is our nature and what is our purpose? In this lecture, we will examine these questions in the light of scripture.

  1. Mankind is Body and Mind
    1. Rejecting Secular Dualism
    2. Rejecting Monism
    3. Mankind as God’s Crowning Creation
  2. Mankind is Made in the Image of God
    1. Covenantal Nature of Imago Dei
    2. Imago Dei as Relationships
    3. Imago Dei as Tasks
    4. Three Offices of Imago Dei
      1. Prophet
      2. Priest
      3. King

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