Genesis 19:30-38 “Lot’s Sad Legacy”

Sermon by Pastor Joshua Hall at Sparta Reformed Presbyterian on March 3, 2019.


One of the primary motivators in life is fear. People go to the doctor because they are afraid of the consequences of not receiving good healthcare. Many people who save money for retirement fear running out of money when they can no longer work. Fear can be healthy, for Proverbs tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. But fear can also be crippling and can lead to foolish and even wicked decisions. In our text today we see a series of decisions made out of fear; not a healthy fear of God, but unhealthy fear which comes from an inability to trust in the Lord and His promises.


  1. Lot’s Legacy of Fear
  2. Lot’s Legacy of Faithlessness
  3. Lot’s Legacy of Fault

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