Joshua 24 “Joshua’s Farewell”

Pastor Joshua Hall’s Farewell Message at Sparta Reformed Presbyterian Church on April 21, 2019.


In the book called Robinson Crusoe, a story is told of a young man who wanted to go to sea. His father did not want him to go. He warned him that the sea is dangerous. His older brother went to sea and died. He urged his son to stay home where it was safe. They had a middle class lifestyle and he could live a peaceful life. But Robinson did not listen to his father and as a consequence, he lived a life filled with many troubles. His decision to dishonor his father’s wishes and run to sea led to great misery. In our text today we read about Joshua’s farewell address. The Israelites were safe in the promised land, having inherited it just as the Lord promised. They were safe in the arms of the One True God, but they faced a crossroads. They could either choose to be faithful to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or they could abandon their God for false gods. As we read Joshua 24, listen to Joshua’s list of all that God had done for the Israelites, listen for Joshua’s compelling case that they should continue to serve the One True God.

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