Isaiah 6:4-5 “True Humility; A Prerequisite for Worship”

Pastor Joshua Hall, Faith Presbyterian Church, Quincy, IL, May 19, 2019.

What is true humility? True humility is a right recognition of who we are and who God is. It is a recognition that God is glorious and holy, that He is the only uncreated, the only eternal being, that He is sovereign and in control of everything, and that we are mere creatures. Unlike God, we are finite, limited, and helpless. We depend upon Him for our life and breath. Furthermore, we contribute nothing to our salvation but our need for it. For we are corrupt sinners, selfish in our beings, until God grants us the gift of new life and the Holy Spirit creates within us the love of Christ. Only then may we properly worship and serve God. True humility requires taking our eyes off of ourselves, and our neighbors, and placing them on Jesus. Only God can show us Himself so that we can see what it is to be perfect and holy. Only in light of God’s holiness can we understand our sinfulness and experience true humility. Therefore, true humility is a gift. We receive this vision of God’s holiness is through the study of scripture, so let us examine our text today with a prayer in our hearts that God will give us true humility for it is a prerequisite for true worship!


  1. Because we are sinners, we must live before God in true humility.
  2. Because God is Holy, we must live before God in true humility.

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