Matthew 13:24-33 “Satan Among Us”

Pastor Joshua Hall, Faith Presbyterian Church, Quincy, IL, July 28, 2019

Yesterday I learned that Joshua Harris, author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, church planter and pastor of 11 years, and founder of Sovereign Grace Ministries has left his wife and abandoned the faith. He now considers himself an ex-christian. Many who came of age in the 90s looked to Joshua Harris as to a hero. Some are now pointing to him as justification for abandoning evangelicalism and the Christian faith. How do we make sense of this? I believe Jesus parable of the wheat and the weeds helps us as we wrestle with these realities.

I have three simple points for us this morning from this parable: 1. Satan’s followers are among us, 2. We cannot fully remove Satan’s indistinguishable followers without hurting believers, and 3. We must guard and proclaim the gospel.

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