Luke 2:1-7 “Jesus has Come!”

Pastor Joshua Hall, December 1, 2019, Faith Presbyterian Church of Quincy, IL

The greatest news the world has ever heard is contained in today’s text. It is news so good that it seems too good to be true. It is so scandalous that most people cannot believe it. It is so wonderful that it brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. The God who created the Universe, who is so powerful that at a mere word from Him all things came into being. This God left eternity, and became a lowly human being. He did not come in power, flash, or judgment. He did not come to condemn or to harm. He came to be with us in our suffering and our misery. He came to bear the consequences for our rebellion against God. He came to sit with us in our sorrows, and even to die in our place. But the greatest news is that He came because He loves us, and He came as a baby born with the cattle in a barn, wrapped in swaddling clothes used for newborn sheep, and laid in a trough from which cattle would feed. No amount of humiliation was too great for our God who loves us. Listen to the way God arranged things so that His Son would be born in such a lowly place.

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