Christmas Eve Sermon “Jesus, The Promised Messiah” Various Texts

The Bible makes some amazing claims about Jesus. Some of are here today because we believe everything the Bible says and we cherish the story of what God has done for us. We celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas season. Others of us may be here because our family brought us, or perhaps because we are curious to learn more about why Christmas is such a big deal for God’s people. Let’s read one of the claims about Jesus written hundreds of years before he came as we begin to examine who the Bible said Jesus would be, and indeed, who He is! … More Christmas Eve Sermon “Jesus, The Promised Messiah” Various Texts

Matthew 2:1-12 “Wise Men Still Seek Him”

Words of wisdom and of warning are found in this text. The wise men gave the best of the time, talents, and treasures seeking and worshipping the Christ child. Herod and all Jerusalem rejected this newborn king, and only pretended to worship the Lord. May God grant us the grace to be more like the wise men than the religious leaders in Jerusalem. … More Matthew 2:1-12 “Wise Men Still Seek Him”

Luke 2:8-21 “Shepherds Rejoice”

The first people who heard the announcement that the Christ child had been born were lowly shepherds in their fields keeping watch over their flocks. That night was an emotion-filled night. First the shepherds saw an angel and were terrified. Then they heard the good news that a Savior had been born in a lowly stable, a place even the shepherds would feel comfortable visiting. Finally, they saw the baby Jesus themselves and were filled with great joy. Will you join the shepherds today on a journey from fear, through the gospel, to a meeting with Jesus which will fill your heart with joy? … More Luke 2:8-21 “Shepherds Rejoice”

Genesis 22 “Fear Not, God Provides”

Fear. One of the most basic human emotions and motivators is fear. When Isaac was tied up, lying on a wood pile, his father overhead with a knife ready to kill him, I suspect that Isaac was afraid. But as we will see today, he had no need to fear his father, death, or judgment. We have no reason to fear anyone but the God who loves us and gave Himself for us. … More Genesis 22 “Fear Not, God Provides”